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Latest News

Valuation/Appraisal Update

I want to personally thank all those who have contributed to the 2012 and 2013 success of Marketplace Machinery.  Projects have come in from many sources and have been wide-ranging in scope and purpose.  In 2013 we performed appraisals throughout the United States for IRS compliance, business combinations, impairment-related financial reporting, asset based financing, partnership acquisition and divestiture, professional practice sales, litigation and other purposes.

Marketplace was added to several lenders’ “approved appraiser” lists in 2013 and in late summer our qualifications were accepted and our firm was added to the list of Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) approved machinery & equipment appraisers.

Every day we endeavor to continue to satisfy our existing clients while continually adding new valuation clients to our growing network.  Many new relationships have been established with accounting firms, law firms, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, advisors, business owners and investors.

Auction Update

In the midst of growing the Marketplace valuation and valuation consulting business I began to plan for an inevitable return to the industrial and commercial auction business.  Since Marketplaces’ formation I have, on numerous occasions, been asked the question, “Do you conduct auctions and liquidations”? My answer has been something along the lines of, “I did conduct industrial auctions and liquidations for many years and I will again in the future”.  My 2012 and 2013 efforts were largely allocated towards establishing the machinery & equipment valuation business and in that period very few blocks of time existed that weren't already earmarked for some task deemed essential to its maintenance and growth, however, as my schedule allowed I began to put pieces into place to form an auction and liquidation aspect of Marketplace. 

As of this writing I am pleased to announce that the future is now and the answer to the question of, “Do you conduct auctions and liquidations” is a resounding “Yes”! Marketplace is now capable of offering a full range of auction and liquidation services. 

I have been significantly involved with over 200 on-site and online liquidation and/or auction sales of commercial and industrial equipment in my career and will utilize this extensive experience to derive the best possible realization on the sale of your assets.  Marketplace is registered with, an online selling platform that facilitates sale of your company’s assets.  Using both the marketing options offered by BidSpotter as well as our own strategic marketing efforts independent of BidSpotter we target a large network of companies and individuals that have a need for, and interest in, purchasing your assets.  We market to companies within your standard industrial classification and in advertising publications that are specific to your industry. 

We offer the full range of auction services including traditional on-site auctions, online timed, combined on-site and online, webcast, and the full range of commission sale, outright cash sale and cash guarantee types of sales.

We welcome the opportunity to buy and sell your surplus business assets, from one machine to complete facilities of any size.  If you would like to discuss possible options please contact us.                                                                                      

Marketplace Machinery, Inc.
400 North Main Street, Suite 305
Milford, MI 48381
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